Red Deer Swap Meet

The Red Deer Swap meet snuck up on us this year and we missed going from lunch on Friday. Never the less I ventured down Saturday Morning. It’s getting expensive, they’re charging for parking now and at three bucks it’s more than it costs to get into the event.
Delivered Bill’s Newsletter to him, had a good look around, almost bought a combo Smith’s gauge that might have fit in the J4 but I resisted. Did buy a few things, a box of MGB stuff for 10 bucks, most of it was junk but there was a combo temp, oil pressure gauge and a oil cooler so it might work out. The two big tins of nuts and bolts will come in handy. I stopped by and said hi to John and Dee and grandson (Braden?) (senior moment) and Ron T as well. Almost got out until I found the Reynold’s Alberta Table.. they have Sykes Pickavant body tools. Sucked into two hammers and almost went for a dolly too but let’s just say they’re not cheap tools and for someone who normally shops at Princess it was a shock to the system. Also touched base with one of the MG guys from Calgary and they’re having a Brits Best Classic on June 11, 12, 13. We’ll have a bit more info in the newsletter but there won’t be a lot of warning there as we don’t publish again till the end of May. The Meet’s at Radium, check out bbc_poster_print

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